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The Department of Hematology offers a variety of comprehensive laboratory and pathology tests for disorders of the peripheral blood and bone marrow. Accurate diagnosis and precise subtyping of hematologic neoplasms are essential for proper patient management. We also offer diagnosis of hereditary disorders that principally affect erythrocytes. Our goal is to provide the referring physician with an accurate hematologic evaluation in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The following services are available:

Morphological consultation - Hematopathology consultation

-Essential for accurate interpretation of any hematologic study to include examination of:

Peripheral blood smears

Bone marrow aspirate smears, and/or bone marrow biopsy sections/blocks

Enzyme cytochemical stains

-Useful in the diagnosis of CML (LAP stain)

Miscellaneous stains and procedures such as:


-NBT dye

-Giemsa stain

Hereditary disorders of the erythrocytes

-Hemoglobin electrophoresis


-Osmotic fragility testing to include both routine and incubated studies

Veterinary Hematology